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We tailor-made every type of corrugated cardboard box for your company.

Order your supply and pick up the quantity you need: thanks to our customized storage options you can keep your warehouse free and focus on your business.

American Boxes

American boxes are packages made up of a single sheet of corrugated cardboard, with a closed bottom and an upper side to be sealed with practical flaps. They are the most versatile, easy to handle and widespread type of box, useful for protecting or transporting any type of goods and therefore suitable for various sectors.

This kind of boxes can support significant loads and offer excellent resistance to impacts, making them one of the most used systems for transportation, logistics, and palletization, also thanks to the possibility of optimizing space within warehouses and archives.

This type of box is distinguished by its machinability and the possibility of being made with different opening methods: flip-top, flap opening or without upper flaps, and interlocking bottom. Sturdy and with compact dimensions, the American box offers a practical and functional solution, with an excellent quality/price ratio.

Self-Assembling Boxes

These are die-cut boxes for manual assembly, interlocking, without glue points. Self-assembling boxes are delivered in flat sheets, which makes them an ideal solution for limiting storage space: they take up very little space and with just a few moves your box is ready.
Choose them to pack and ship your products safely, saving time and thus increasing your productivity.

Snap-Bottom Boxes

These are boxes with a pre-glued bottom and snap assembly, which do not require the use of tape. Thanks to the speed and simplicity of assembly through the lower flaps, this type of packaging is particularly suitable for the e-commerce and shipping sector, allowing you to have a box ready for use in a few seconds.

We make custom snap-bottom boxes, designed and personalized according to customer needs.

Die-Cut Boxes

Die-cut boxes are packaging obtained using a die, which is impressed into the cardboard sheet to produce the cuts and folds necessary to obtain a box in plan.

Die-cut boxes offer a high degree of customization: the die-cutting process allows for very particular shapes, capable of adapting to all types of contents and extremely robust. Easy to use and quick to assembly, they can be made in different models and sizes and customized with prints and logos.

Thanks to its resistance, this type of box is suitable for the transport of special materials. The double side walls in fact offer excellent protection for the goods contained therein during the transport phase.


We make custom trays, with and without a lid, ideal for the food and catering sector.
We only use food-grade cardboard made by pure cellulose papers and without recycled content, as required by current regulations.

Our company applies a strict protocol in all phases of packaging processing for the food & beverage sector. From the receipt of raw materials to the delivery of the order to the customer, including compliance with rigorous standards in the packaging storage rooms, each phase fully meets high quality standards.

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