Doglianese:<br>box factory since 1973 - Scatolificio Doglianese

Scatolificio Doglianese specializes in the production of customized boxes and packaging for all commodity sectors.
We make all products with quality, certified and environmentally sustainable raw materials, employing advanced technologies that can shape every functional and aesthetic need.

Tradition and Experience

All stories have a beginning. Ours begins over fifty years ago with the production of boxes for the wine, agribusiness and mechanical industries, as well as die-cuts, beehives and displays. A history of experience, professionalism and technology that our family has always put at your service.

Respect for the Environment and Quality

Through management software, we control every step of your orders until delivery, which is done by our own means. And there is always someone in the office ready to respond to you. Our approach is familiar, and we use only the most innovative technologies for production. We also offer you a custom design service, to meet all your requests on shape and size of boxes and die-cuts.

In recent years we have made significant investments in sustainability, which testify to our commitment not only to using environmentally friendly and certified materials, but also to adopting production processes with reduced environmental impact.

Doglianese:<br>box factory since 1973 - Scatolificio Doglianese

Not Just Boxes…

Our products are divided between boxes and die-cuts, to which beehives and displays are added upon request. Boxes are for shipping or display and range from American boxes (the simplest and cheapest, taped shut) to the most sophisticated, designed by our designers and printed in four-color. Die-cuts, both standard and customizable, can also reach large sizes, depending on the customer’s needs.

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