The new logistics<br>and production hub - Scatolificio Doglianese

Flexibility, dynamism, and quality have allowed for rapid expansion of our business, thanks to the synergy between various operational divisions and constant investments in technological innovation.

Beside our historic headquarters in Dogliani, we have inaugurated a brand-new logistics and production hub, with a surface area of 45,000 sqm (of which 2,000 sqm are MOCA certified), specialized departments for die-cutting and gluing, and cutting-edge technologies.

Administrative Headquarters
and Main Plant

Viale Prof. Gabetti, 25
12063 – Dogliani (CN)

• Offices
• Production Lines
• 6,000 sqm Warehouse


New Logistics
and Production Hub

Via Fornace, 26
12060 – Farigliano (CN)

• MOCA Warehouse
• 45,000 sqm of state-of-the-art logistics center
• Specialized department for die-cutting and gluing


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