Services and processing - Scatolificio Doglianese

From technical design to logistics and shipping, Scatolificio Doglianese offers an integrated service package for every business need.

Services and processing - Scatolificio Doglianese

Design and Planning

Thanks to our technical and creative laboratory and the use of state-of-the-art equipment, we offer our customers a custom design and planning service for all kinds of boxes and packaging. All our products are designed to ensure safety, reliability and sustainability.

Services and processing - Scatolificio Doglianese

Packaging development

We use only corrugated cardboard for our products, making the optimal solution for you with the least waste from the die-cutting process and optimized use of pallets.
With cutting machinery and advanced printing technologies, we make eye-catching solutions for every industry.

Services and processing - Scatolificio Doglianese


What kind of box are you looking for? What function must it fulfill?
Choosing the best packaging for your product can be a decisive factor for the success of your business. Our specialized staff is by your side to help you design and create packaging tailored to the needs of your company: functional, durable, eco-friendly, and impactful.

We offer competitive and advanced packaging solutions for all merchandise sectors. Contact us for personalized consulting: we will find what suits your needs.

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Services and processing - Scatolificio Doglianese

Logistics and Shipping

To make it easier for our customers, we offer the option of storing the boxes and packaging produced (even for large orders) in our warehouses, agreeing on the time and method of subsequent shipment. We have several custom storage options, to provide client companies with only the periodic supply of boxes they need, without unnecessarily occupying their warehouse.

Deliveries, including international ones, are fulfilled in a very short time, thanks to our efficient fleet and partnership with companies in the logistics industry.

Packaging is made with meticulous care, ensuring the safety and traceability of goods. The entire inbound and outbound flow is controlled by state-of-the-art computer systems.

Services and processing - Scatolificio Doglianese

Certified Supply Chain for Food & Beverage Packaging

Food safety is a complex and sensitive issue, involving all actors in the production chain.
To protect the health of consumers, all materials and objects intended to come into direct or indirect contact with food are regulated by MOCA regulations.

Scatolificio Doglianese implements a strict protocol in all stages of food & beverage packaging processing, starting from the receipt of raw materials, to the delivery of the order to the customer, including adherence to strict standards in the packaging storage rooms.

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